Wakefield College Skills X Change

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Appointing Client – Pick Everard.

Developer & Contractors – Waystone

User Client - Wakefield College

Wakefield College Vocational Skills Campus building ‘’The Skills X Change’’ comprises of 13,450m² of flexible accommodation over four floor levels.

The accommodation comprises the college’s provision of teaching spaces for Construction, Motor Vehicle Engineering, Engineering, Hair and Beauty, IT and Care and Public Services, with support and executive facilities.

Specialist supply services, flexible interior fitting out and equipment layouts are coordinated to provide a state of the art vocational skills based college.

The interiors and facilities are strategically set out with work shop and heavy engineering uses on the lower floors and teaching and academic uses on the upper floors.

The scheme design incorporates many sustainable design features to including maximising natural ventilation and day light provision. Solar gain is controlled with static solar shading features. The natural heat sink of the concrete floors are utilised to provide passive heating of the building, an energy efficient feature of the servicing strategy.

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