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This design was for a point of sale display and interior, bringing a long established private opticians sales area and examination space into the 21st century.

The sales space was cluttered and claustrophobic with poorly laid out display and dark finishes and poor lighting that mismatched the display. The brief required an interior with a wow factor that complimented the high end spectacle brands on display, without overpowering the product.

Our scheme comprised the removal of all interior partitions and high level units to the sales area to maximise the transparency through the space and open up the shop to a through view on entry. This was achieved through providing the right amount of product display to de-clutter the shop area.

The interior proposal introduces low central island display units with illuminated top surfaces for positioning of feature display point of sale units in acrylic for desk top sales display of feature selected spectacles.

Two tables with illuminated mirrors are provided to one side for customers to try on glasses. The mirrors are designed to be viewed in both the seated and standing position.

To the perimeter of the sales area vertical display units including tilt adjustable glass shelving are developed to maximise spectacle display space.

The use of illuminated surfaces and glass and acrylic units present a clinical clean feel to the shop, softened through the introduction of warm veneer finishes to the unit sides and an island of bright pink flooring locating the central floor units in the space.

The existing Edwardian glazing to the shop frontage is fully restored along with new wall linings and new raft ceiling.

The interior is built completed through a design and build shopfitting contractor.

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