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A commercial restaurant and servery interior design developing Lasdun Hall Dining Hall into a contemporary dining destination to support the Lasdun Hall Student Residence.

The site comprises of an unusually tall hall space with vast single pane glazing arrays to two sides. These create poor environmental comfort conditions flooding the hall with harsh light for much of the day.

The client brief required the space to deliver a breakfast bar feel in the morning developing into a more sophisticated and intimate space for an evening meal, providing comfort conditions through re providing the servicing to retain customers into the evening, developing a destination venue.

It became clear through developing the design proposal that the daylight and glare in the room required controlling with a ceiling that would allow the distribution of filtered day light through, whilst retaining a visual connection with the outside to witness the cycle of day changing into night.

The ceiling was developed as a visual cap to lower the space and, upon full night fall, delivers the intimacy required by the evening restaurant.

Our response develops a gigantic circular chandelier feature that comprised of a 12m diameter outer circle with four concentric tiered rings rising in level to a centre point.

The circular rings are created using 57 individual 1200mm diameter discs, forming tired level diminishing concentric rings, providing opportunity for day light to filter through the spaces in between the circles from the glazing arrays in the walls above.

In the spaces between the circles, glass lamps are suspended developing a gigantic ornamental chandelier that delivers a visual wow factor to the interior space that provides for a light and airy breakfast bar in the morning, and a more intimate evening dining room.

The chandelier circles and lighting fittings are suspended from a feature galvanised steel carrier frame assembly including trunking for wiring containment.

This ceiling feature delivers the functionality of the morning and evening use of the room with the restaurant and servery interior set out below.

Different types of dining experience are provided through varying the types of seating and tables and through the provision of large circular seating booths to one side of the space.

University of Leicester -

Lasdun Dining Hall Day Light Interactive Ceiling