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A building re- planning and facilities re-thinking project involving first principal review of how teaching space and exam facilities can be accommodated in the same floor space without compromising the function of either, which required spaces to be planned for simple change of use. The brief derives from the need to maximise the use of available floor space within an NHS Teaching Hospital. Requiring the same floor space to deliver general teaching facilities and seminar rooms combined with the need to hold academic clinical examinations with purposed requirements. To be multifunctional to maximise use and efficiencies.

The seminar spaces are equipped with state of the art AV equipment for presentation and recording of lectures for internet broadcast. Fixed examination rooms are provided for the practical clinical teaching functions.

The group teaching bays are designed to be easily reconfigured to provide separate temporary cellular spaces suitable for academic clinical exams providing specific examination environmental conditions. These functions require to be interchangeable through rapid simple reconfiguration to deliver exam conditions by the school staff without the need of external help.

To achieve this, the open plan bays are divided into cellular rooms through provision of moving walls. The moving walls or ‘Smartitions’ comprise of steel partitions that are track mounted in the ceilings with electric operation seals that lock the partition between floor and ceiling when actuated providing a solid fixed partition wall. The ‘Smartitions’ sit flat to the main walls and can be simply pulled out in the track and locked into position to create a series of examination rooms with solid partition walls.


Combined with ceiling fixed cubicle curtain tracks and raised floor and perimeter servicing arrangements the bays deliver purposed exam  rooms rapidly that can be set out and put back by the school porter staff. Providing both open plan seminar group teaching and cellular exam Room teaching functions in the same floor space.

The Smartitions are designed by MAI LTD and developed in detail with Hufcor Partitions using Hufcor LTD track, gearing and panel products in a new way.

University of Leicester -

Medical Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Space