Mary Gee Student Accommodation Refurbishment

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Client - University of Leicester


This project comprises the renewal of a gated mass university student residential site within a city centre conservation area.

The scheme involves re-planning and upgrading 360 bedrooms including the provision of a new central energy centre, which required the replacement of submains and the renewal of the foul and surface water drainage system to include SUDS and landscape improvements.

A new site reception centre and social activities building is provided to support the site. For details of this new build refer to the Mary Gee Social Building page on this website.

Site Layout

Each residential block comprises 3 storey terrace units of low insulation masonry construction with low profile pitched roofs formed in single stair repeat 10 bed block units.

The building structures are generally sound but require the repairing of all architectural glazing, renewal of the roof construction and finish, and complete refit of the interiors with new layouts, decoration and furniture.

Energy performance and levels of comfort conditions need improvement through provision of enhanced envelope insulation and new servicing.

The residential terrace buildings comprise 5 blocks set out in 90, 80, 70, 70, 50 bed blocks laid out in quadrangles with lawn courtyards and numerous mature trees around the site.

Through centralising the site plant within a new energy centre, the smaller existing plantroom and laundry facilities are to be demolished along with other end of life buildings on the site to locate the new reception and social activities building close to the site entrance in a central position.

The site is served by a new centralised energy centre to include electrical supply, main IT hub and boilers. New submains are provided to each residential unit that include a services room on the ground floor serving each 10 bed block in each terrace.

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