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University of Leicester -

Climate Research Centre

Moss Architecture . Interiors Ltd - Lead consultants architectural & interior designers appointed through our university consultant framework providing complete multidisciplinary professional team services in conjunction with our sub consultant design team.

Client - University of Leicester

The aim of the project is to establish a new home for the University of Leicester Landscape and Climate Research Institute located within a cleared space on the ground floor of the Bennett Building on the main University campus.

The client ethos required the delivery of a striking interior space to provide a sophisticated working environment capable of accommodating functions and receiving distinguished visitors whilst delivering a low energy use solution.

Through rigorous analysis of the site and existing structure we developed a design proposal utilising passive ventilation and high insulation and external isolation to deliver a low energy use facility.

This proposal involved the installation of two large scale roof light openings that included actuated ventilation louvers.

A combined roof light and ventilation turret is provided within the roof to the entrance reception space and one in the research lab.

The Seminar Room extract is connected to the central reception through passive duct connections.

The roof light and actuated ventilation louvre units are combined with provision of automated actuation of the existing perimeter glazing opening lights controlled by the new building management system operable on a temperature, C02 and humidity monitoring station.

The cellular offices are located to perimeter walls and are ventilated through use of the existing opening lights.

The interior design comprises large white spaces that include modelled ceilings to aid the ventilation through the rooms.