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Moss Architecture . Interiors Ltd: Lead consultants; Architectural & Interior designers; Principal Designers; Contract Administrators; appointed through the university consultant framework providing complete multidisciplinary professional team services in conjunction with our sub consultant design team.

Client: University of Leicester

Project Managers: University of Leicester


The lecture theatres are located in the University of Leicester main campus Bennett Building in a stacked overlapping plan layout, situated on the lower ground and ground floor levels.

The existing theatres provide primary auditorium lecture and public facing lecture theatre facilities.

After nearly 50 years of service, having undergone several minor refurbishments, they required bringing up to date to improve comfort conditions and learner experience, through cohesively considering the site, technology acoustics and interior design.

The design brief required the lecture theatre interiors and facilities to be developed for:

Live lectures

Lecture capture

Lecture play back

Public speaking

Presentation events

This required a cohesive design solution to deliver improved learning functions through developing specifically detailed interior environments with improved acoustics and comfort conditions requiring a complete rethinking of the interiors, acoustics, servicing, and audio visual installations.

The Design Proposal

The design proposal included the complete re-evaluation of the architectural layout from first principles to include seating, teaching wall arrangement and stage design, wall and ceiling design, acoustic envelope and servicing.

The acoustic and comfort environment required to be specifically detailed to deliver the teaching use functions providing for  multi-functional contemporary use lecture theatres that can be used flexibly. The design includes re-setting out new seating and development of the stage and teaching wall to improve audience experience through improving stage vision splays.

Alignment of the teaching wall and seating row centre line and resetting of the stage floor levels is proposed  to properly coordinate the auditorium tiered floor seating and stage to improve the audience experience.

The stage proposal includes new wing walls to improve acoustic projection and visually defining the stage centrally in the room view. The wall linings and ceilings are detailed in fabric wrapped acoustic modular panels tuned to deliver the required acoustic performance.

The modular wall panels and ceiling rafts are fitted over acoustic mass linings that acoustically isolate the structures and provide containment voids for servicing distribution. The window wall is redeveloped to provide the right amount of day light into the room without glare on the projection wall. Double glazing for acoustic improving and day light white out blinds are provided to be controlled electrically from the lectern.

New lecture capture and streaming audio visual installations are provided with full lectern mounted controls to include projection and cameras along with scene set lighting and window blind controls. AV rack rooms are included to enable the lectern size to be minimised developing stage floor flexibility and option teaching positions. Plug in floor box connections for the option lectern positions are provided in the stage floor.

Remote audio visual control panels are included at the rear of the auditorium to provide plug in for remote control desk set up for guest speakers. Environmental comfort conditions including the ventilation servicing of the rooms is completely renewed with low velocity supply air provided from below the seating with extract air removed via the open ceiling voids

Lighting and electrical servicing is mounted in-between the acoustic suspended ceiling rafts.

The design proposes cohesive function derived interior solutions that dramatically change the shape and volume of the theatres re-defining the acoustic performance as well as the visual perception of the auditoria spaces improving audience and teaching experience.

University of Leicester -

Bennett Building Lecture Theatres